DIY Macrame Hemp Belt


I know it has been a really long while since my last post, but I cannot be blamed with my hectic travel and work schedule. I had been wondering what i could post and i clearly decided not to put up another home decor idea, so i my next option was to try something to do with fashion. Browsing through my older posts, I came across macrame and the idea stuck to me. I tried out a couple of earrings and necklaces, but to my horror all of them were a huge disaster. so here i am, with a wonderful idea for Macrame Hemp Belt!! 🙂 Sounds cool right?…Read on to know more about it.


I used HEMP (one of the materials i could blindly count on for any artsy craftsy projects) completely..and I mean completely for this belt and I can happily boast, that i have not used anything else other then this to make the belt. And I must say, the results were pretty amazing. Macrame definitely gets enhanced when it is in hemp. My basic idea was to try out the various macrame knots on the belt to bring out an ethnic flavor to the belt. The following knots are used in my belt and I have also pointed out where each of the knots have been used.

Macrame knots used in the belt:

Button Hole Knot

Double half hitch knot – straight and diagonal

Square knot


I did not measure out the hemp cords with any specific measurements, rather, ensured, the length is as much as doorway curtain length. This way, when the work is finished with the knots it measures the size of the waist.

Another way of doing this is, a specific length of about 2 meters can be used and later on, if required, the pieces could be joint by hand stitching or glue (but with hemp, stitching works better). But while you join, ensure the joints are hidden behind in any of the knots that are made.

Also, a word of advise, as much as i enjoyed doing the macrame work, I also felt that maybe i should have tried out the knots first to get used to them first and then started the actual project. A bit of macrame hands on experience is always better if you really want to enjoy doing your own project. Knots can be tricky and if you have  not mastered the art of knotting it might NOT feel that great!! 😉

I began the work by first taking equal lengths of about 4 meters of hemp cords , 3 in number together and made a loop right at the middle of the cords held together, to make the button hole knot. I used another long cord to join these 3 cords in place using the BUTTON HOLE KNOT finally  having about 8 cords to work with.

Steps that I followed in making the belt (Please note that this design was purely my imagination and a variation of this can be very much tried and there is not hard and fast rule to stick to the same design).

IMG_20150206_165218664 IMG_20150206_165134276


1) I made a SQUARE KNOT(SK) to begin with after the button hole knot and started making a series of 2 rows of diagonal DOUBLE HALF HITCH KNOT(DHH).Once the diagonal DHH knots are done, I made 3 rows of alternating square knots (ASK) .

2) Repeat Step 1

3) After leaving some space, I made horizontal DHH knots for 2 rows.

4)Leave a gap and then make a 2 tier diamond DHH with a square knot in the center. What I mean here is, I make 2 rows of diagonal DHH pointing upwards and immediately make 2 rows of diagonal DHH pointing downwards to make a diamond. Once the first set of DHH rows are completed, I fill the space in between with a SK and continue making the downward pointing DHH rows.

5) After a gap, I made an ‘X’ with diagonal DHH knots (This can be achieved by making diagonal knots in the opposite directions as we made the diamond in the previous step.

6)Repeat Step 4

7)Repeat Step 3

8)Repeat Step 1


Finally with the remaining loose ends of the cords, make an overhand knot or just knot the whole bunch together into a knot. I didnt have a clasp to add as a fastener so i left the loose end like tassles. The same could also be attached with some fancy tassles and finished.

Voila, our Hemp Macrame Belt is ready to be worn out with a dress. I am waiting to wear it with a pure white or off-white dress so its enhances the look even more! 🙂

Try this out and wear your very own ethnic belt!!! Go boho…Go Eco…Go Ethnic!!!

HeARTy Crafting!!! 🙂

❤ ~ $rii

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